Retreat and Ladies Event Topics:


Shake it Off
Pushing forward in life without letting unkind comments and disappointments slow you down

Following faithfully even when the destination is unknown

Super Bloom
God can use your weaknesses to make something more beautiful than you could ever imagine

Growing closer to God, not quitting, staying on the mountain- Lessons in showing up and trusting God for something big

Living out exactly what God’s Leading YOU to do

The curious reversals in scripture and how they make us more like Christ

Sisterhood of the Secret Weapons
Weilding lesser-talked about truths to fight the good fight of faith together


Power Phrases
Snagging snippets of scripture to speak in the idle moments and how the seconds spent at stoplights and stairways can change your life
Graphic Design from your Smartphone
Armed with some free apps, tricks, and tips you can make just about anything you need