God Didn’t Ask Abraham to Build an Ark

November 2, 2017

What happens when it’s time to take a radical step of faith? Remember that we are all called to our own version of challenging. It seems easy enough to remember that we all have a unique purpose, but it’s another thing entirely to walk the whole thing out.

It was about five years ago when one of us said this phrase to the other. The kitchen and living room were empty. All of our belongings were either sold or packed in the van. We were getting ready to close on the sale of our house and I couldn’t help but wonder if we were indeed crazy. This house that we were standing in for one of the last times, was everything we wanted in a home. I actually couldn’t imagine a house that I would enjoy living in more than that house. Yet, it was time to go. Not because the neighborhood was bad, or schools weren’t what we had hoped, or any other negative reason at all.

We were walking away because God called us to.

That might sound completely RIDICULOUS to some, perhaps even borderline insane or at least delusional. I suppose sometimes our choices seem that way to onlookers. I still don’t know how Josh and I mustered up the courage to make it to that point, but there we both stood. We both looked around, thinking about the depth and severity of our choice.

“God didn’t ask Abraham to build an ark,” Josh said.

The statement filled up the room as we both considered the implications. My eyes welled with tears.

“We just need to do, what God has called us to do,” He said, taking my hands in his.

“Yes, I just never expected it to be like this,” I said, trying not to lose my composure.

And that is the fork in the road we all face. Are we going to do that thing that God has called us to do, or are we going to decide that it is just too ridiculous, arduous, or preposterous? Maybe you hate the idea God is presenting to you, or maybe you feel so uncomfortable by it, that you don’t want to listen to the thought more than once. Or maybe he has somewhat forced you into a situation where you need to trust him in a big way, whether you like it or not.

At that kitchen impasse five years ago, Josh and I lost ourselves in the yes. A part of us died. Probably only the parts of us that needed to go anyway.

We went camping that year and to date, it was my favorite year of my whole life. It was the best adventure. I’ll never forget the wonder, enjoyment, and beautiful events that happened that year. Never.

But here we are today. I’m in a cozy house, across the country and years apart from where that last major adventure took place. Yet I feel like I’m at that same fork.

This time, it’s not about whether we will go camping and sell our stuff. It’s actually something quite less oddball-ish, but harder for some reason. And yet, I’m wrestling with it. “Why, this, Lord? I don’t think this is a good idea? I wasn’t expecting you to do this.”

That’s what I’ve been thinking lately. I wonder, instead of focusing on this, perhaps I could shift my focus to him.

This is temporary. This is not reliable. This may be a shaky situation for you and it may be a shaky situation for me, but God is stable. You might not have a pattern for how this (your thing that God is asking you to do) is done. But we have a God with a perfect record of being faithful. That’s his pattern. We are promised that he will never leave us, but we don’t have a promise that it will be painless. That’s the part that’s scary.

Here’s what I have concluded:

God asked Noah to build.

God asked Abraham to go.

God asked David to rule.

God asked Isaiah to prophesy.

God asked Hosea to love.

God asked Jesus to die.

He is the commonality amongst all these statements. “God asked.” Fear didn’t stop these people. Worry didn’t. Pain didn’t. Uncertainty didn’t.

They did what God called them to do and that’s all you and I have to do.

God didn’t call Abraham to build an ark. He didn’t call me to do that and I’m guessing he isn’t calling you to do that either. We don’t have to ponder all the other things he could call us to do or even things we wished he would call us to instead. We just have to do what He’s asking us to do.

Simple? Yes. Difficult? Yes. Possible? Only with God.


A part of you may die in the process of whatever it is that you’re supposed to do, but probably the parts of you that needed to go anyway. I say that with as much love as I possibly can, because I’m right there with you.

Who knows, once we get over our fears, we might just settle into one of the best adventures of our life.

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    1. I am looking forward to walking alongside you, as you begin this new journey God has “asked” you to do 🙂

    1. Very well written, Lindsey! Thank you for sharing, congratulations on your webpage! God has great things ahead of you!

    1. I’m so excited for you. I love how God is weaving all these new people into my life who write such encouraging words.
      Can’t wait to read this blog and join you in this space. It inspires me to be obedient!

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